"Le Canot": The elegant protection!

"Le Canot®" is an adjustable protection mask to wear around the neck. It meets European standards.

It was created by Sonia Snoussi. Her goal or challenge was to obtain a mask to wear around the neck, and not around the ears on the one hand, but also to combine the utility of a treatment mask

with the elegance of a charming accessory to wear around the neck. The objective is reached!


This mask was born in March 2020 during the health crisis due to COVID 19, it takes its name from the famous "survival boat".


"Le Canot®" Closed

The difference between these 2 models is essentially on the shape on the bottom of the tprotection mask and on the covering surface.


"Le Canot®" Open

This model lets the warm air escape through the nose and mouth through the bottom towards the chin.

The hand-to-mouth touch and postilions are avoided.

This model of protection mask has been designed

in order to obtain a minimum covering surface for

maximum protective efficacy.

It transforms into a charming accessory when worn under the shirt collar.

It is the ideal model for the hot season and for bearded man


The closed "Canot®"

This model draws the underside of the chin, its covering surface is wider and its shape clearly draws a small butterfly, which allows it to transform into a charming accessory when worn under the shirt collar.



In stock model with elastic

* Included:
Your initials punched on the brass ring. 

(Allow 3 to 5 days, depending on the number of orders in progress)

  • Ecological textile mask.

  • With his very solid internal filter it will withstand multiple washes!

  • it is worn around the neck, and not behind the ears: Very practical for eyeglasses wearers: No fogging!

  • Magnetic and adjustable.

  • 95% of its surface is 100% cotton therefore minimizes the risk of irritation and allergies.

  • Great comfort thanks to its small elastic in the cotton branch and the large space offered by its new shape at the nose.

  • We breathe and make ourselves heard!

All with elegance!



Possibility to personalize it by choosing your fabric. Your initials which will be stamped on the brass ring, the hallmark of the house!

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