Once upon a tie... there was la Renate®

Hand-made & Tailor-made

La Bourgeoise de Renens® offers a range of new clothing accessories mostly to be worn around the neck and aimed at both men’s and women’s tastes.

“La Renate” is our bestseller, it’s a unique and very practical alternative to a tie, scarf or bow tie.
La Renate was designed by Sonia Snoussi.

During a trip to Sri Lanka, she dozed off and dreamt of a huge textile factory where she created new styles of ties.
With this dreamlike inspiration, she started to design and transform traditional shapes to create a new fashion item that’s both elegant and innovative: la Renate.

In 2014 she set up “La Bourgeoise de Renens” and started regional production, entirely manufactured in Switzerland, in Renens, a town which has given its name to ‘la Renate’ a blend of the words Renens and cravate (French for tie).

Since then the brand and the styles have evolved. New shapes, new fabrics with stylish, original patterns, the adjustable magnetic clasp and the hand-sewn brass ring on each item are signatures of the brand.

Today, La Renate and a whole range of articles from la Bourgeoise de Renens are produced in limited, numbered editions along with completely custom luxury styles which are made to order.



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