It is in France, on the French Riviera that we find the origin of the history of La Bourgeoise de Renens, birthplace of its founder, Sonia Snoussi.


Within a Tunisian family with a strict upbringing and loaded with prohibitions lead Sonia unlimited passion for creation and solid things to express to search for a treasure to which only her brothers have access, the freedom.


Revolted by this injustice, Sonia adopts a boyish style to stand out and see herself as equal to others.


Sonia strategically chooses the ”tie” as a main subject of inspiration, retaining the traditional and precious know-how to create a contemporary alternative, La Renate. 


Without rules or constraints, it is aimed at both men and women.

The Renate particularity is its magnetic fixation

which makes its use easy and fun.


Its originality is in its free and multiple ways of wearing it.


La Renate is made from durable natural fibber fabrics for comfort on the skin and ease of care.


La Renate is a whole range of elegant and timeless accessories to discover and adapt according to your sartorial state of mind.­­



Creative self-culture of lightness & little enjoyments


The chic and casual touch,

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